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Welcome to your HOST in Istanbul website and your home away from home

My name is Sebahattin Selam, I am going to expain you  wher our apartment are based and inform you about ares called Old City or Sultanahmet

It is your home away from the home in Istanbul. Excellent location in the middle of Old city and many attractions. About  5 - 10 minutes walk to Saint Sophia, Basalica Cisten, Blue Mosque. Istanbul Archaeology Museum and Topkapi Palace. Penthouse Suite provides beautiful panoramic view of the city, sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus Straight bridging Europe and Asia. As Managers who have travelled extensively and speak fluent English. They will be able to assist you in all your travel needs.
Special Offer!

Assistance with all travels and tours.
Free airport pick up for 10 or more nights stay.
First, Second level sleeps five. Penthouse sleeps 6
people. Private roms available Click for more info